Gammacolor offers a complete range of dyes, suitable for all textile applications and substrates (cotton, viscose, polyester, polyamide, aramidic, modified cellulose, acetate, etc.).

Gammacolor dyes meet the highest quality and safety standards (current regulations and private specifications).

Gammacolor’s offer is constantly expanding both in color index and customization requested by the customer; we therefore offer a matching / imitation service thanks to the experience of our laboratory operators.


Reactive dyes

Gammacolor reactive dyes are suitable for application on cellulosic fibers and, in part, proteic fibers (silk, wool) and polyamide.

They are dyes of superior category compared to direct dyes, and they are used when  good to excellent overall fasteness are required.

Two general application categories:

COLD REACTIVE DYES:  Gammazol and Superfix, with application temperature generally of 60 ° C or lower.

HOT REACTIVE DYES: called Gammafix, with application temperature of 80 ° C.

Within these two groups micro-categories are found, each with particular characteristics.


Vat dyes

Gammacolor vat dyes, called Gammanthren, are suitable  for cellulosic fibers and are available in powder or liquid form.
They possess very high general fastness, especially to the light.
They are insoluble in water, therefore they need to be reduced with sodium hydrosulphite and caustic soda to allow dyeing.
The “leuco” form is the result of the reduction, while at the end of dyeing process the initial form is reformed (thanks to oxidation with hydrogen peroxide).


Disperse dyes

The various categories of  Gammacolor disperse dyes are suitable for application on polyester, acetate and polyamide fibers.

A particular category of dispersed dyes is available, suitable for the automotive field, with very high light fastness.


Acid dyes

Gammacolor acid dyes are suitable for application on polyamide and protein fibers (wool, silk);
They are divided into the following categories:
SOLIDO ACIDO: with great levelling power and suitable for three-dyes combination, for carpets and sportswear. Applicable both on polyamide and on wool.
FOLLONE: dyes with good wet fastness, used for dark shades alone or in limited combinations.
M DYES: good levelling power and wet fastness; exceptional light fastness; great compatibility; suitable to reproduce light tones in the automotive field.
GAMMASET DYES: economic dyes with high overall fasteness; good reproducibility. Good migratory and levelling power. Suitable for nylon, silk and wool.
K DYES: it’s a special selection of acid dyes, with exceptional fastness to severe water.


Direct dyes

Diretti and diretti luce Gammacolor dyes are used on cellulosic fibers (cotton, viscose, modified cellulose, etc.) through extremely simple application methods, they are economical and versatile dyes, therefore they are widely used in the dyeing field, where there are not very high demands on general fastness ; however, diretti luce dyes show good to excellent light fastness. It is always possible to apply a fixer at the end of the dyeing cycle.


Sulphur dyes

Sulfur and tinagam dyes are applied to cellulosic fibers, mainly for obtaining dark shades; they own very high general fastness, excluding chlorine fastness.


Gammacolor offers three categories of sulphur dyes, mainly blacks:

  • Normal  sulphur black, which are dyed in the reducing bath.
  • sulphur black RC liquid pre-reduced
  • sulphur black BM and RC liq. Ecological

The dyeing is carried out at 90 ° C for 1h: washing and oxidation follows
TINAGAM dyes belong to the category of vat dyes; they are insoluble in water and it is therefore necessary to reduce them with caustic soda and sodium hydrosulphite in order to dye them.

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Need more info? contact us now!