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Dear Customers,

GAMMACOLOR srl, as an active participant in this project in view of the REACh Regulation, financed by the European Commission DG Environment – LIFE, is pleased to announce the final workshop

The PROSIL project has addressed some problems of interest to the industries, in particular related to the requirements of the REACH Regulation, looking for possible solutions through the use of in silico models. In the same way, in silico models have been studied that can be useful for agrochemical products. Some of these solutions can also benefit the industries of the cosmetic, food and fragrance sectors.

We will show how (Q) SAR and read-across can be applied successfully, even in the most critical cases.


  • QSAR and read across, applied to industrial chemicals, agrochemicals, cosmetics, food components;
  • Non-testing methods for genotoxicity, carcinogenicity and organ specific toxicity;
  • Non-testing methods for fish, daphnia, algae and insect toxicity;
  • Modelling endocrine disruptors;
  • New programs for read across;
  • Weight-of-evidence within a regulatory perspective;
  • A strategy for PBT prioritization of chemicals;
  • A demo on the use of new programs.

Need more info? Contact us now!

Need more info? Contact us now!